Simulation and Training

Simulation & Training advantages


Submarine Tactical SimulatorsThe simulation in the industrial and military field is an area that has become more important in recent years. Cost reductions in maneuvers, training on specific contents and shorter development deadlines are some reasons that make the simulation be essential.


TrainingSimulation of individual computers, sonar simulators, real-time simulators of combat systems and global naval war simulators… SAES develops these solutions which are fully adapted to customer requirements.

These simulators allow individual specific training or simulation of joint missions among various navies. It is possible to recreat any situation or scenario, being specially appropiated to reproduce dangerous or complex missions in order to avoid risks during the training, and to teach crews how to react in extremely dangerous situations.

Development, Integration and Validation of Systems and Equipment

SIM/STIM. Sonar simulator and stimulator

Our software stimulators emulate acoustic signals and may be used as part of a training or for the testing processing chains.

SAES also develops interface simulators and functional simulators of equipment and systems to be used in the development, integration and validation of projects before all the equipment which constitute them are available.


Modelling of systems and scenarios.
SAES also is specialized in software development by using mathematical models to infer conclusions, make predictions of behavior and help the decision-making. Examples of this simulation type are the performance prediction of sonar, the acoustic propagation models and target motion analysis.

Modelling of Scenarios

SEAPROF ray tracingWe develop simulators that allow the generation, maintenance and interaction of acoustic signatures, affected and influenced by environmental conditions (propagation bathymetry, etc…).

They can be used for training or for the analysis and testing of software and acoustic processing systems.

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