Underwater Signatures Measurement

Multi-influence Underwater SignaturesFor the last years there has been a worlwide growing interest in having at our disposal data related to energy emissions in the underwater environment, besides the acoustic, should be included the electric, magnetic, pressure and seismic radiations. In order to provide useful information at a practical level, together with the measurements data, specific techniques for analysis and modeling must be implemented.


The use of advanced multi-influence processing techniques allow the development of the last generation systems in the segments of activity in which SAES operates.

MIRS - Multi-influence Range System

In the field of defense, when operating in the modern naval environment, the accurate knowledge of platforms signatures is essential to avoid their detection. Also, modern naval mines, as those developed by SAES, include new and more sophisticated sensors for activation and advanced digital signal processing techniques enabling the exploitation of the before mentionated signatures.


Simulation is an area of special interest nowadays, due to its versatility, high level of information provided and cost saving that entails with regards the campaigns of real measurements. Last generation simulation techniques used in SAES permit to carry out realistic estimations of the level of different magnitudes in real operational environments.

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