Mine Warfare

Recent advances in technology provide Navies with extremely quiet submarines very difficult to be detected. The use of modern technologies to reduce emissions and the new developments that provide them with a great range of action, consequently arise the necessity of additional strategic capabilities to control them.

In addition, there is an increasing need for protection and control of vessel traffic strategic areas , straits and other maritime zones of forced use because of geographical or commercial reasons. The protection of these areas is vital to the economy of the countries involved, which makes necessary to know in depth the specific area of Naval Mines in the frame of Naval Warfare.

Mine Warfare

Naval Mines are a strategic weapon par excellence, apart from being one of the Naval Weapons of greater efficiency for their ability to deny the naval space only with the knowledge that a country owns them.

Combining a wide variety of sensors and sophisticated processing algorithms, SAES has developed:

  • Naval Mines for varied uses that constitute the state of the art in this area of naval warfare today.
  • Multi-influence range systems for measurement and analysis of signatures of surface ships and submarines, to provide Navies with necessary knowledge for to be applied in mine warfare.
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