Anti Submarine Warfare – ASW

Anti submarine Warfare -  ASW

There are different reasons which have forced, in recent years, the need to acquire and modernize Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW):

  • Many countries around the world are financing the manufacturing and modernization of submarines (both conventional and nuclear) with advanced submarine combat systems.
  • New geopolitical scenarios, which add new risks to the global economy.
  • Need to move the ASW missions to the littoral waters in order to preserve the security of coasts.

SAES has 25 years of experience in the development of ASW systems, our company is positioned at the forefront of ASW systems installed on any platform. SAES developments includes Sonobuoy Acoustic Processing Systems (SPAS) Family: SPAS-4, SPAS-16, SPAS-32, DSAP… and ASW systems dedicated to ground support: SICLA-ASW, FTAS, TAT…


Always looking for new solutions,  SAES has developed the innovative Remote Operation ASW System (ROASW), a new concept that meets the new requirements of the ASW missions:

  • Smaller and faster combatant ships to preserve areas near the coast.
  • Collaboration in a Network Centric Warfare (NCW) allowing to share tactical and intelligence information between the resources deployed in the ASW mission.
  • Use of both manned/unmanned air vehicles.
  • Digital sonobuoys to increase the effectiveness of the ASW system.
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