Sede en Cartagena

Ctra. de la Algameca S/N
30205 Cartagena (Murcia) - España
N 37° 35' 47'' W 0° 59' 54''
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Facilities at San Fernando

Ctra. de la Carraca S/N
11100 San Fernando (Cádiz) - España
N 36° 29' 24'' - W 6° 10' 35''
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Headquarters at Cartagena

Sede de SAES en Cartagena  

Ctra. de la Algameca S/N, 30205 Cartagena (Murcia)

N 37° 35' 47'' - W 0° 59' 54''

Phone: +34 968 508 214

Fax : +34 968 507 713

E-mail: saes@electronica-submarina.com


Facilities at San Fernando

Sede de SAES en Cartagena  

Ctra. de la Carraca S/N, 11100 San Fernando (Cádiz)

N 36° 29' 24'' - W 6° 10' 35''

Phone: +34 956 80 10 48

Fax : +34 956 89 28 72

E-mail: saes@electronica-submarina.com

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