• SONAR SYSTEMS AND ONBOARD SYSTEMSAdvanced sonar systems, integration in combat system, sonar modernization and update , advanced techniques of sonar processing and classification, prediction sonar performances... we have 25 years of experience.

  • ANTI SUBMARINE WARFARE (ASW)From 2012, and thanks to the Sensor Data Link (SDL) System, SAES is at the forefront of the ASW systems because the SDL system offers a new concept which solves the new framework of the ASW missions. From the year 1996 SAES has developed advanced ASW Systems (SPAS family, FTAS, TAT …).

  • UNDERWATER SIGNATURE MULTI-INFLUENCESAES has the most advanced signature measurement portable systems for surface vessels and submarines. Our range systems acquires the multi-influence signature of a platform: acoustic, electric, magnetic, seismic and pressure influences.

  • MULTI-INFLUENCE NAVAL MINESCombining a wide range of sensors (magnetic, electrical, seismic, acoustic and pressure) and sophisticated algorithms, SAES has developed a complete set of multi-influence naval mines at in the forefront of the market.

    SAES develops limpet mines, cylindrical bottom mines, conical shape mines and moored mines. Combat and training versions are available.

  • SIMULATIONAdvanced simulation and training systems are as essential as a highly trained military forces.

    SAES provides an advanced capability to model a complete scenario. Models and algorithms allow the detailed interaction among torpedoes, countermeasures, ships, seabed objects... whilst retaining an execution speed sufficient for both real time operations and detailed studies.

  • CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONPorts, drilling platforms, anchored boats, power plants, large oil refining companies, and any high value or interesting infrastructures which require protection. A key aspect is also the protection of the environment, wrecks and marine life.

    SAES provides integrated protection systems and undersea surveillance adapted to every need.


SAES supports one more year the Golf Navy Championship.

Manuel Pérez got the third place in the 3rd category […]

SAES shows defence solutions at ADM Sevilla in Spain

SAES has exhibit their solutions for ASW aircrafts and helicopters […]

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